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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Panels--Sean Thomas Tribute

Perfect weather set the stage this week as 20 more panels went up featuring the name of the mural, local dance artist Billy Ross, and a tribute to Master Sergeant Sean M. Thomas of Hughesville, PA. Master Sergeant Thomas was the first Lycoming County casualty in the war

"Inspiration Lycoming County" and "Billy Ross"

This series of panels (above) feature Michael's artistic interpretation of Master Sergeant Thomas and his 6 month old daughter Alexa, keeping vigil as his wife Carrie sleeps

"The Fallen", are a series of panels that honor the memory of Pennsylvania based soldiers that have passed in the Iraq War.

Special thanks to Dan Lewis for still photography.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Vigil

(Photo's courtesy of Kevin Stroble)
Michael (l.) works on the portrait of Marshall Winter, as Marshall's mother Brigette (r.), looks on..

"My goal is to make people smile on a day that they never thought they would.."
Michael Pilato

This is the controlling idea behind the emotions Michael looks to evoke, from people visiting the Mural "Inspiration Lycoming", during his "48 Hours 9/11 Vigil"..

For the last five years, Michael has held a 48 hour vigil during 9/11 on every mural he was working on..This year marks the second anniversary of the vigil at "Inspiration Lycoming", in Williamsport, PA..

A steady flow of visitors came throughout the vigil, even late at night, and watched, reflected, kept company, and shared stories with Michael about their life experiences--surrounding 9/11..

(Photo courtesy of Ralph Ritter)
9/11 Panels on Sept. 12, 2006, during hour "40" of 48 Hour Vigil..


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Friday, September 08, 2006

48 Hours, 9/11 Vigil (2006)

Click here to view the video.

Begins Sunday, September 10th, 8AM through Tuesday, September 12, 8am..


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Not What You Have, But Who You Have That Matters..

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Stroble)

Every year, the concessioneer at the Little League World Series (SportService), offers area Non-Profits an opportunity to work & operate the Concession Stand during the World Series..It's a great deal in the sense that SportService gets staffing for the concession, and the Non-Profit makes some money for their cause..

This year, a local organization due to an unforseen operational emergency, gifted their spot to our documentary film (Mural Canyon) and by relation the Williamsport-Lycoming Arts Council (non-profit sponsor of the film)..

These were the results:

We set three concession sales records, the grandaddy of them being, Largest Single Day Sales for the 2006 World Series ($27,846)..In 4 days we sold over $85,000 worth of Hot Dogs & Hamburgers at an average price point of about $1.50 per item..That's a lot of food folks..

Also, we earned a standing at the concession stand by being asked to come back next year, but the most impressive number is the 97 volunteers that showed up and worked together to create this magnificent accomplishment..

In spite of all it's pristine beauty, historic & architectural richness, and of course being the Home of the Little League World Series, Williamsport's real crown jewel is--it's people..I know it sounds mellow dramatic, but you don't need to travel too far and wide to realize that the people in this town are special, maybe, that's why there has been so much good fortune bestowed to a town that has been branded globally twice in it's history; Lumber, and Little League..

I want to take the time to recognize someone who went above and beyond the call of duty, by logging in over 53 hours--Ricki Maetta..Thank you Ricki, for all you have done for the film, it's is a privilege to count you as friend..

To the rest, I don’t think that I will ever be able to express adequately my feelings of deep admiration and awe for the service that you have shared with me..So, before I start bawling, I’ll leave you with some memories of the mark we left on the 2006 Little League World Series..

BTW, Congratulations to the Columbus Northern L.L., from Columbus, Georgia, for winning the Little League World Series, and my most grateful appreciation goes out to the SportService team, led by Thomas Booth, Bob, Tom, both Amy’s, Sue, Dennis, Nate, Chris, Gia, and the many others, too many to name, who helped us accomplish great things..

(Photo courtesy of Joanne Casale)

Carlos Saldivia and Joanne Casale pose for a picture during a very brief break in the action at the Little League World Series Concession Stand.

(Photo courtesy of Joanne Casale)

(Foreground, L. to R.)Billy Ross, Aaron Fay, Wes Breen, and Justin Crouse.
(Background, L. to R.)Steve Morrison (Co-Producer), Joanne Casale, and Rob Shirley

This is a photograph of part of the Opening Friday (Aug. 18) Crew, that broke the old "Opening Friday" Concession sales record by $4000!. You can tell that Billy Ross is really impressed.

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Stroble)

(L. to R.) Nate Hallman, Christie Allen, Chelsea Allen, and Nancy Reiff


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Native American Panels/First Friday Celebrations Aug. 2006

(photo courtesy of Ron Vernier)

Keri Kimura (above) applies some final touches on the Native American Panels that were placed on the mural "Inspiration Lycoming", as part of the First Friday Celebrations in downtown Williamsport on Friday August 4, 2006.. Keri is serving an apprenticeship under Michael Pilato, the artist creating the mural..

(Photo courtesy of Ralph Ritter)

Michael Pilato (L.) discusses panel placement with const./rigging contractor Brent Foster (R.)..

(Photo courtesy of Ralph Ritter)

..finishing touches and final placement..

(Photo courtesy of Ralph Ritter)

Local Native American gets the first look at newly placed panels..


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"National Treasure"

A large group of area Native Americans & Armed Forces Veterans, will organize in Williamsport at the corner of West Fourth/Market Street, where a Color Guard will lead them in parade (7:10 pm start) down West Fourth Street to the site of the Mural "Inspiration Lycoming", on Friday August 4th, 2006, kicking off the city's First Friday celebrations, but also marking the start of the 3rd Annual Bull Run All Nations Festival..The Festival will be held through the weekend at Loyalsock's Riverfront Park by Canfield Island..

Upon arrival, Native American representatives will bless the Mural in a traditional ritual that is a purifying & cleansing ceremony.. , is a short video of last year’s ceremony..

For much of his life, Michael Pilato has been deeply affected by Native Americans, and many times has referred to them as a, "National Treasure", who need to be honored and preserved..Since his youth, he was affected by the power, strenght, and beauty of the culture, and as tribute, he will be unveiling additional panels at this Friday's celebration, that depict local Native American portraiture & influence in Lycoming County..

The Festival , open 10 am to 6 pm, will continue through the weekend with Native American Dancing featuring many styles including, Aztec Fire Dancers..There will also be 5 Ceremonial Drums, craft and food vendors (wait till you see the sumptuous food offerings), storytelling, music, arts, a Petting Zoo, and many other fun events & surprises..Admission is free, but donations are encouraged and will be accepted at the entrance, with all the proceeds going to charity (including a Christmas Run to area hospitals), so get out there and support this folks!..Rarely do we see a convergence of events that celebrates culture, as a fun event, where the entire proceeds go to a charitable cause..Remember, closing time is 6pm, this is an ideal 'day event' for all ages..Check out the Bull Run website


Tip of the Hat to:

Photography by: Kevin Stroble

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Little League Panels Are Up..

This is what we started with, furring strips for the 15 Little League Panels to be placed on the Bullfrog Brewery Building..

The Great Mssrs. Brent Foster(l.) and Tony Brown(r.) pulling rig/grip/construction duty..

..under Michael's watchful eye.. the sun..

and finally--the Little League Panels..

There is some great company on that porch..

And all before sunset..Man, this town has had some good fortune..


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